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4 Cherry Whisky Recipes To Make Yourself

4 cherry whisky recipes to make yourself

4 ways to make your own Cherry flavoured Whisky.

Cherries are a native fruit to Scotland so it is appropriate that we see what cherry flavoured whisky is like.

The old Scots word for cherry is gean (rhymes with seen) which in Gaelic means Cheerfulness or Good Humour. I can't think of a better word for cherry whisky than cheerfulness.

I use 4 different types of cherry flavour here to test to see which method works the best.

4 cherry flavoured whiskies

Cherry Recipes

  1. Frozen Morello Cherry Recipe
  2. Dried Cherry Recipe
  3. Sour Cherry Sweets Recipe
  4. Fresh Fruit Cherry Recipe

Draining, Filtering and Bottling

Filtering frozen morello cherry flavoured whisky

Filter each cherry mixture into a bottle.

mashing frozen morello cherries

Mash the remaining ingredients to extract any liquid left in them.

bottled frozen morello cherry whisky

Filter the mashed ingrediants through a coffee filter to remove any small parts and add to the bottle.

filtering sour cherry whisky

For the sour cherry sweets there was little liquid available. Given that 450ml of whisky went into this recipe it's a little shocking how much we're getting back.

sour cherry whisky sweets

Look how fat and plump the sweets have grown.
The sweets did not mash even with a potato masher so I used the hand blender to make a sort of jelly liquid.


4 condenders

Frozen Morello Cherries

Bright and sweet in flavour.

Dried Cherries

Tastes mostly of dried fruit. Slightly cranberry-ish. Still nice.

Sour Cherry Sweets

Wow, alcohol city. The 450ml of whisky is clearly still here. The sweety taste is nice but overpowered by the amount of alcohol.

Fresh Fruit

Slightly woody. Not as sweet as the frozen morello. This may be due to the fresh cherries not being as sweet a variety as morello.

The Verdict

The frozen morello was the clear winner. Lovely sweet taste. Very enjoyable.

I'd probably pick the dried cherry next followed by the fresh fruit.

I wouldn't bother with the sweets again. Too expensive on the whisky front.


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