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I've listed below some of the resources I use to make my flavoured whisky.



I like the bottles with the swing lids. I've used ones I had in my cupboard that were bought with flavoured oils and vinegars. They would make really nice containers if you were making flavoured whisky as a present.

The lesson I've learned the hard way is don't try making the whisky in these as it is hard to get the ingredients out afterwards. Use a jar and then strain the drink into the bottle once ready.


I've used jars and lids to store homemade chutney in for months. They are good quality and will easily work for flavoured whiskies.

Whisky Bottle

A simpler, cheaper solution is to pour some of the whisky out of the source bottle and pop the flavouring agents in through the neck. This is good for larger qualtities.

Kitchen Equipement


I like colapsable, silicon funnels. They take up almost no space in the cupboard and are dishwasher safe.

Vegetable Peeler

I use my julienne peeler as it gives thin strips of peel. This has the advantage of giving a larger surface area of the fruit skin to be absorbed by the whisky.

Mortar & Pestle

Useful for crushing spices to bring out the most of their flavours.

Small Sieve

Really useful when tasting the whisky to prevent lumps of fruit or spices ending up in your drink.

Citrus Zester

Good for getting to the skin but not the pith on citrus fruit. Especially if you want the flavour without the bitterness of the pith.

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