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Tasting Notes: Lemon Flavoured Whisky

Lemon flavoured whisky tasting notes

Tasting notes for Lemon Flavoured Whisky

Zesty and fun.


So yellow. It's hard to describe whisky as being more yellow but this really manages it.


Full of fresh zesty lemon notes.

Initial Flavours

Sweet lemony followed by a rush of sherberty, sour as the lemon juice flavours take over from the zest.


Long and really, really lemony. Back to sweet rather than sour and leaves a pleasant fresh lingering sensation.


You would hardly know that it was made with whisky. I've made lemoncello with vodka before and this is similar. The whisky probably brings out more of the sour notes which is nice.

My instincts when making this were right. No need to add sugar to the mix as is normal in lemoncello recipes.

Here is the mixture before filtering:

lemon flavoured whisky before filtering

Filtering the whisky:

lemon flavoured whisky during filtering

The final product is slightly cloudy after filtering:

lemon flavoured whisky after filtering

Next Time

I think I'll try lemon and lime together, see how that turns out.

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