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Tasting Notes: Orange & Cardamom Whisky

Tasting Notes: Orange & Cardamom Whisky

Tasting notes for Orange & Cardamom Whisky Recipe.


I went the whole hog and filtered the whisky first through a seive then through a coffee filter to get a clean drink.
Filtering Orange & Cardamom Whisky
The coffee filter was un-necessary as it caught nothing that I could see.


Nothing special about the colour. Looks like Whisky.


Strong smell of Oranges as soon as you open the bottle. Hmmmm.

Initial Flavours

A kick of Cardamom followed by a burst of Orange.


Longer flavour returns to the cardamom again. Little taste of the base whisky remains.

A little Water

The addition of a little water brings out the orange a bit more. The taste is more floral, smoother. Much easier to knock back.

With Lemonade

A guilty pleasure of mine is a whisky or bourbon with cloudy lemonade. The whisky mostly disappears into a general citrus drink. A little kick of the cardamom remains. Nothing special.

An Old Fashioned

I'd already had a couple of regular old fashioneds at this point (different night from above) and I thought it would be good to try one with the orange and cardamom whisky. It was really interesting and well worth repeating. The cardamom kick really added something to the drink.


The best yet.

Next Time

Probably a little less cardamom. I would hold off adding it to the mixture until closer to the end. Probably about 1 week before bottling.

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