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Tasting Notes: Raspberry & Lime Whisky

Tasting notes for Raspberry & Lime Flavoured Whisky

Something magic happened with this one. A beautiful transformation.


Wow, Red! Really, really red.


Beautiful smell of Rasperries from the moment you open the bottle.

Initial Flavours

A rush of fruit flavours. Lots of gorgeous raspberry notes. Then a kick of alcohol.


Switched back to Raspberry again for a nice long finish.


Really awesome. The magic seems to be that the whisky tastes of Raspberry and the raspberries taste of whisky.

Here is the mixture before filtering:
raspberry & lime flavoured whisky before filtering
See how the raspberries are almost white in the jar. So much colour and flavour has been pulled from them.

Next Time

Make more, lots more.
I had a problem the first time I tried to do a tasting for this. I kept drinking the product. It was that good.
This time I threw away the fruit. Next time I would try crushing it to get the last drops of flavour out.
I'll probably use Whisky B as well, I should have kept some of the Whisky A batch for a comparison but it is all gone.

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