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Tasting Notes: Strawberry Whisky

Strawberry Whisky Tasting Notes

Tasting notes for Strawberry Whisky

Hmmm, Strawberry Jam...


Sort of a rose colour with a hint of orange.


Hmmmm, strawberry jam, yum.

Initial Flavours

Jammy, like jam made from strawberries. I'm beginning to notice a theme.

Not overly sweet, nicely balanced, no bitter notes, good body.


Mediun to long, chewy, like when you hit a bit of fruit in good jam.


Really, really nice. Too nice. There's none left. I need to make this again.

My instincts when making this were right. No need to add sugar to the mix as is normal in lemoncello recipes.

Here is the mixture before bottling:

Strawberry whisky before bottling

Bottling the whisky:

Strawberry whisky being bottled

The final product is an odd rose colour:

Strawberry whisky after bottling

Next Time

A bigger batch. Plus I didn't really filter this, only sieved it, and there were a lot of hairs from the skin of the strawberries that would be better removed.

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