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Blended Whisky

I've stated before that I don't really like most blended scotch whisky. That said if you are going to flavour something it has to be whisky that you can live with the underlying flavour of.

Most blended whisky at the cheaper end of the market goes for a distinctive flavour rather than a smooth flavour. This can be difficult to mask, especially those high notes that turn me off the most.

Pick something that you could tolerate in a glass with coke. Sacrilege to some I know but it is a good guide.

Single Malts

Probably a waste but it’s your money at the end of the day. You may be able to produce something really special that is worth it. Some single malts can be as nearly as cheap as a blend anyway depending what offers are on in your area.


I love bourbon and there plenty of good bourbon that is not given the credit it deserves. Especially in Scotland. There are also lots of mass produced cheaper bourbons that are an excellent base for flavouring.

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