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Bramble Flavoured Whisky

Maky you own Bramble Flavoured Whisky

Make your own Bramble Flavoured Whisky

Bramble wine is a well known traditional scottish drink but I wasn't aware how common making bramble (or Blackberry if you must) Whisky was. You can leave the brambles in the whisky for up to 3 months but no longer or the drink can get woody. Add some sugar if you want it sweeter but I an trying it without. Also you can leave the strained drink for a year to mature in the bottle. I'm not sure if mine will last that long.


  • 20 Brambles (or Blackberries)
  • Whisky


  • Suitable bottle or container


  1. Place brambles in container.
  2. Fill up with whisky.
  3. Place in a cold, dark place for up to 3 months shaking occasionally.
  4. Strain into final bottle.

Bramble Flavoured Whisky made.

I had originally made the drink with only 10 brambles but added some more after about a month.


Tasting Notes to follow.


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